You're buying a total of 5 vase arrangements of local seasonal flowers, delivered to your door either weekly or bi-weekly. These will be already arranged and delivered in a vase so that the arrangement can be immediately enjoyed without any further time or preparation! Early Summer arrangements will have many beautiful varieties of flowers, including snapdragons, sunflowers, feverfew, sweet william, and more! Although the number of stems will vary depending on the type of flowers included, we guarantee you will receive far more value in these arrangements than if you were to have them delivered from a florist, and you can know they were picked just a few miles away from you! We will provide the first vase for you and then exchange that vase with the new arrangement in a vase each time we deliver. Since these are pre-arranged and delivered to your door, they make exceptionally nice gifts for those special people in your life! Your late spring CSA/Subscription flower delivery will begin on June 17 and will continue on Mondays either weekly or biweekly, depending on your stated preference.