NOTE: Please purchase your seed order SEPARATELY from your dahlia order if you want the seeds to ship now. Dahlias will not ship until April. Some of these seeds are from my garden this year, and some are divided up from larger packs ordered from Geoseeds, but all are grown for the 2024 growing season. I have kept the prices low for small-scale growers who don't need many seeds of each variety/color. The number of seeds in each pack will be small, but that enables me to keep the prices low so you can buy the individual colors you want without having to pay a fortune for a quantity of seeds that you don't need. Each variety/color will state whether it is divided up from a larger Geoseeds seed pack or whether it is harvested from my garden. All seeds harvested from my garden were grown 100% chemical-free and have no chemicals or coatings on the seeds so would be acceptable for organic use.