Our individual arrangements are made exclusively with flowers grown here on our property in Brickerville, PA, with no chemical pesticides! Available flowers will vary from week to week depending on what is in bloom at the time, but here are some examples of some sample arrangements for each season. The price will vary depending on the size of the arrangement. You can select one of the options below, or let us know how much you can pay, and we will make sure that the arrangement will be beautiful regardless of how large or small of arrangement you decide to purchase! Although you can order directly online using PayPal or a credit card, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU CALL BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. We want to make sure we understand your preference in how you would like the flowers to look, and we also understand that the "shipping" options on the website are can be a bit confusing. We want you (or the recipient) to be delighted with our flower arrangement! Flexible delivery (within 24-48 hours) is as follows: 1-4 miles from Brickerville, PA - $5 5-8 miles from Brickerville, PA - $10 10-13 miles from Brickerville, PA - $15 14-18 miles from Brickerville, PA - $20 ADD $5 IF YOU NEED SAME DAY DELIVERY (We do not deliver beyond 20 miles from Brickerville) If you want multiple arrangements for an event, please CONTACT US IN ADVANCE to order that and to let us know your preference in color and/or style. Orders that include more than one arrangement may include flowers from other local growers which may or may not be chemical free. Whether it's a birthday party, bridal shower, or some other event, we would love to help you take your event up a notch with some beautiful flower arrangements!